Omar Hadad

all about sales and marketing expertise

Omar Hadad

all about sales and marketing expertise

About Me

My name is Omar, I work as a marketing and sales manger in Turkey.

I speak Arabic, English and Turkish. I enjoy my work and I like to communicate with people from all over the world. My motto is “One world, One future”. 

I surf  the internet to find the best deals that can make me and my clients satisfied. My recent job is to find used or new brand machines for our company or clients.


Our services

Customer Service

Maintained a solid base of information for reference purposes allowing Marketing Agents the ability to examine old and new trends side by side

Sales Management

Successfully planned and executed a trade show featuring company's new digital product line

Marketing Management

Hired, trained and guided a team of marketing professionals who worked with direct-sales partners


Assessed email bounces to remove invalid and irrelevant contacts, boosting deliverability and open rates

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Address Mersin, Turkey